Thursday, May 28, 2009

Would you believe it? We were up very early Wednesday morning in Hong Kong in order to leave the hotel for the airport by 7:00 AM.....and found that the skies were opening in bits and pieces, allowing some sun to shine through!

I decided to capture some photos, sans rain and dark clouds, just before we left the hotel room. Isn't the above photo pretty? The sun's rays shone onto the waters of Victoria Harbour, and then "bounced" upward and onto the sides of the buildings to the west of our hotel.

The glass on the tall building that's in the final stages of construction in the southwestern section of Kowloon is reflecting early morning light that's also "bouncing" off the water.

Quick shot taken just before I stepped onto the escalator that would take Phil and me from the lobby of the Renaissance Harbour View to the first floor exit.
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