Thursday, May 28, 2009

Once we were in the sky after leaving Hong Kong, I just had to capture this photo of those huge GE engines and the wide span of wing on "my" side of the aircraft.....engines that would run consistently and one of two wings (I *think* there was one on the other side of the plane!) that would remain flexible (turbulence!) yet stretched outward (smooth sailing) for twelve hours straight, taking us back to our beloved country, the United States of America!

Engines, wing, clouds,'s all beautiful to me!

On a 3-class aircraft, a map is viewable at all times on individual video screens, showing the progress of the flight. Above photo: we were still near China.


After waking up Wednesday morning on *this* side the globe (after flying ten hours with about two hours left before landing at SFO), one final photo of a muted, opaque view of the atmosphere that extended eight miles beneath us.
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