Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovely park, Hong Kong

Phil and I will be leaving Hong Kong tomorrow (Wednesday), May 27th. I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos I took in 2004 of places and sights we saw when we were here then, as most of them were taken when (Lo! and behold!) the sun was shining. We have not seen the sun whatsoever while here on this trip.....but we've still enjoyed our time here immensely.

I'm especially thankful for the relaxation Phil has enjoyed this trip...especially the chance to play Sudoku as much as he wants (he loves that puzzle!). He also feels that he's been very productive with some work projects....he's been able to work without ANY interruptions, which is not the case when he's at his work place on engagements. :-)

(World renowned) Jumbo Floating Restaurant by day...and before we had dinner there. I ordered fried shrimp there...but much to my dismay, the shrimp on my plate had *eyes* and I felt they were looking at me! Phil "saved the day," and had my dinner while letting me eat his!

Leaving Jumbo at night after dinner

Street sign, Kowloon
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newlywedbeth said...

It is so great to "travel" with you, Myrna! Thanks for the photos and helpful captions. As for Sudoku, Phil can keep it! I am not able to keep up with the numbers! Give me a crossword puzzle anytime! :-)