Saturday, May 23, 2009

It was dark when we got settled in our room at the Renaissance Friday evening, but I couldn't help but get a quick picture of the boats moving about in Victoria Harbor with the lights of Kowloon in the background....and as you know, I love to "play" with the camera when getting night shots/lights. :-) (By the way, Kowloon is directly north of and across Victoria Harbor from Hong Kong Island where we're staying.)

Yesterday (Saturday) was dark and rainy all day, and it appears that today will be the same. The heavy, moisture laden clouds move quickly across the Hong Kong area. There are lots of very tall buildings such as the one in the above photo.....

.....and the top of the tall buildings are often wrapped in clouds.

Another view....another very tall building....and at the bottom of the photo can be seen a huge construction area. (You may remember the photos I sent a year ago when we were in Singapore...lots and lots of construction. The same is going on here in Hong Kong.)
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