Sunday, May 24, 2009

You will recall that in my previous blog post yesterday, I indicated that it is raining here in Hong a matter of fact (and according to all the weather reports), the skies will have been filled with brooding, moisture-laden clouds our entire stay. (BTW....we leave this coming Wednesday at 11:45 AM, fly 13.5 hours, and land in San Francisco the same day @ 8:50 AM!!)

In contrast, it was sunny most of the time during our September 2004 visit. We really don't mind the fact that it's cloudy because we've thoroughly enjoyed relaxing in our hotel room; also, as long as the sun isn't shining and is hidden by clouds as it has been since we arrived, it's not nearly as hot outside. It's still humid........but not nearly as hot. :-)

Yesterday, I mentioned the covered, above-ground walkways (they're all about at the 2nd floor level) that link buildings together and provide protection from the rain. You can see Phil in the photo above on one just such walkway. We decided to get out yesterday and snoop about in some stores and, as always, I took my small Olympus camera with me.

So many of the buildings are magnificent marble structures, and the walkways are also marble. We were standing on one walkway, and I took a picture of another walkway which can be seen in the center above.

I thought the flamingo-colored building above was so pretty...but if you enlarge the photo (by clicking on it), you'll see behind it and in the very center of the photo a typical apartment building. It's amazing to see the mixture of buildings here...a glorious marble office building right next to a sad-of-state apartment building. To quote our taxi driver, everybody in Hong Kong "but the rich people" lives in an apartment. As a matter of fact, he volunteered that he and his wife and two children live in 200 square feet.

Many of the huge buildings in Hong Kong are beautifully lit at night; as a matter of fact, the structure with a green top in the above photo is a very large building on which the colors change and migrate all night long. Another example of Myrna playing with her camera!
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John and Cheryl Fornelli said...

The apartment building reminds me of most of the world. How easy it is to think that what we have - the way we live- is normal.