Saturday, October 03, 2009

On Saturday, September 19th, we decided to leave Karlsruhe and go for a long drive. That drive took us over into Strasbourg, France; south from there to Basel, Switzerland; east to Zurich, Switzerland; north through the Black Forest to Stuttgardt; and northwest back to Karlsruhe. In all we were gone only about 8 eight hours. What a great little "day trip."

While in France, we stopped at a rest area. We were able to get one of our very favorite French treats which we've had many times in the past on trips to France: (dark) chocolate-filled croissants! Oh, my......just too wonderful for words!

The rest area in the French coutryside also had a huge, beautifully designed vegetable garden and lots of flowers. I found a very busy bee frantically drinking nectar from a delicate white rose blossom.

And, oh, did we enjoy the magnificent dance of the butterfly (or moth??) above as "she" also busily drank nectar from the tiny deep lavender blooms. She turned every which way so that I could get pictures of her from every angle possible. :-)
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