Saturday, October 03, 2009

Many of you know that Phil just spent two weeks working in Germany; you also know that Myrna got to go along, too (I *LOVE* his job!). :-) You have to know as well that I took a few pictures while we were gone.

The first one, above: Looking out the window of our aircraft at a plane identical to the United 777 we were on for our flight from Chicago to Frankfurt. We left O'Hare Airport Sunday evening, September 13th and arrived in Frankfurt eight hours later (it was 9:55 AM Monday when our plane arrived in Germany).

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On many flights, Phil enjoys playing with an electronic Sudoku game I purchased for him. The photo above was taken after our meal and before we took our Ambien for the long nap we would enjoy while in flight.

Above: The Autobahn! It may *look* like just a regular expressway, but riding/driving on it is a very different experience from anything in the United States. While there is a speed limit only at various & limited points on the roadway system, the continuous high speed is amazing. It was strange to drive so fast with no sense of guilt or fear of flashing red lights coming up behind! ha

German drivers are VERY considerate and actually exercise driving safety and "etiquette." The slower cars keep to the right; the left lane is only for those cars and motorcycles going very fast! In areas where there were three lanes, cars in the middle lane may have been going over 160 kilometers per hour (over 100 mph), all the while being passed up by cars flying by in the left lane! I videoed our speedometer showing 164 kph, and we were traveling with the rest of the traffic in the middle lane! :-) Let me say that we felt very safe the entire two weeks we were using the Autobahn.

Just a way to say Exit. :-)
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Sherry said...

Whew! I'm going to brag to my friends that I went to Germany this weekend and drove on the Autobahn. They'll be impressed. Thanks! 'Twas delightful!