Saturday, October 03, 2009

Oh, we are so spoiled! We always expect to take a short walk inside a jetway from the gate to the plane. Well, that's not always the case....and it was NOT the case 9/25. We had to walk down (and carry our carry-on bags) down two flights of stairs; board a bus in which we Chicago-bound passengers were like sardines in a can; then line up and walk UP the stairs (carrying our carry-on bags!) into the plane! Like I said: we are SO spoiled! ha It did feel good to finally get to our business class seats and settle in for our 9-hour flight home.

Above: the United 777 aircraft waiting for us to board

United wasn't the only airline with planes parked out on the tarmac in what looks like a huge airplane parking lot. (And there were lots of other United planes parked up near the terminal building with jetways reaching out to them!)

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