Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sunday morning, September 20th, we left Karlsruhe, and after Phil took me to see the palace in Rastatt (where Maquet is located), we drove southeast about 15 minutes from Rastatt to Baden-Baden and checked into the hotel where we would spend the rest of our time in Germany. Once we had our things settled in the hotel room, we drove about 60 kilometers farther southeastward into Germany's famous Black Forest. It was a beautiful drive along a two-lane and often winding road. There were a few spots where we were able to stop so that I could capture a picture, such as above. There were bushes filled with red berries, and the dark evergreens provided a lush background for the color of the berry-laden bushes.

View of mountains within the Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, Germany

Black Forest, Germany
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Deborah Eastman said...

Oh Wow... I love driving thru Der Schwartzwald, the Black Forest. It's so beautiful. You're making me terribly "homesick" for Germany!!! I have to go back!!!