Thursday, May 29, 2008

We decided to make the trip to Sentosa Island so that we could go up in the Sky Tower, which is a large thin construction with an air-conditioned "donut-" shaped unit that moves up and down, and rotates at the same time. We thought it would be fun to have that experience which would also provide us with some lovely views of Singapore.
Our mode of transportation to Sentosa Island? A cable car, which launches from Mt. Faber. So, once Phil and I were in our car, out we went into space, hanging by what seemed like a mere thread! The cable cars go through the building seen in the picture above and on to Sentosa Island. (On our return from Sentosa Island later after our time on the Sky Tower, we would get off the cable car at this building, go down an elevator, and secure a taxi that would take us to The Singapore Flyer.)

A view from the cable car of an expressway we're about to cross.....

....and a view in the other direction of the same expressway.

And, what fun to go over the body of water, and the two ships anchored!

The second, and larger, ship in our view is a Star Cruise ship.

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