Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some shots taken while on The Singapore Flyer. The above photo is looking up at the gigantic mechanism from our car or "capsule."

A view of the city, as well as more construction, of course. We learned from watching the Singapore Tourism Channel that there is no agriculture on the island of Singapore; therefore, unless a man is a "white-collar" worker, he is among the men of Singapore who are employed in construction, as taxi drivers, or in service jobs such as hotel employees or retail shops/stores.
The constant building provides jobs for many, many people. As a matter of fact, two huge casinos are presently in various stages of construction. The construction of them provides employment, and the eventual jobs available once the construction of the casinos is completed will provide innumerable jobs for the residents of Singapore.

At the top of our 1/2 hour rotation, I took this picture of apartments in the background with a young boy standing in the capsule ahead of ours. (As in most Asian countries, the majority of the population of Singapore is housed in apartment complexes....very colorful buildings, mostly!)

The capsule on the other side: lots of teenaged girls, evidently on a school field trip. Behind, a view of the tall buildings of downtown Singapore.

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