Thursday, May 29, 2008

After getting off our cable car, riding down fifteen floors on an elevator and exiting the building, I just had to stop and take a picture looking up at the cable car going over, which is up quite high!

My first picture taken on The Singapore Flyer, which is similar to but larger than The Eye of London. (Remember my recent blog entries during our trip to London?) Although each car, or "capsule," holds 28 people, there were but two people in this car ahead of us.

The car behind us held a large number of giggling school girls. (You can see them smiling for my camera shot. ha)

We were fortunate to share our car with just four other people, who were all Singaporean - a young woman, her niece, and her parents. They were absolutely delightful, and we thoroughly enjoyed our 1/2 hour with them. The young woman, who is a property consultant (our US term would be real estate agent, I guess) in Singapore, was kind enough to take this picture of Phil and me with the city of Singapore in the background. By the way, there are four benches in the center floor area of each capsule, so there is plenty of seating area, as well as lots of room to walk around, looking at the views and taking pictures.

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