Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Since Maranatha is located right on Lake Michigan, we walked down to the beach area late afternoon. I just LOVED the sight in the above photo: the tiny female (I would assume) owner of those hot pink Crocs had abandoned them in order to go barefoot in the sand! They were no more than about 4 - 5 inches long. :-)

Late afternoon, Lake Michigan shoreline, Maranatha Bible Conference,

Muskegon, MI

One of our main reasons for driving to Maranatha was to attend the July 4th concert presented by the B-BOP....Big Band of Praise! It was GREAT, with the first half being all patriotic music! The director (standing at left of photo): Jonathan DeCou of Grand Rapids, MI.
An additional and very special treat was being able to see our good friends, Tim and Eileen Ostrander, whom we've known for many years. Tim, formerly a vice president at Moody Bible Institute, is now serving as president of Maranatha Bible Conference. It was wonderful to spend time with those very special people and to see their adult son and daughter, whom we hadn't seen since they were youngsters!
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John and Cheryl Fornelli said...

How 'bout that? Tim came to my mind about a month ago. We were up at EFCA headquarters at the Mall of America and there was a store called Ostranders.

I used to sing with Tim in the group "Horizon".

Love your pix, Myrna!