Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Phil and I made the decision several months ago to travel to Michigan for the July 4th weekend...and that's just what we did. Phil had arrived home just a few hours earlier from San Francisco (about 2:00 AM, to be exact!), but we left our Illinois home located northwest of Chicago Friday morning, July 3rd, about 10:30.

We made our way through the upper portion of Illinois, then Indiana, and on into Michigan, arriving in Muskegon, located on the eastern shoreline of Lake Michigan about 4:30 PM (eastern time). We hadn't been on a "road trip" in a long time, so we really enjoyed the time and the ride.

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As always, I had my camera nearby and "ready" for anything interesting I might want to capture digitally. Somewhere in Indiana, I spotted the above flag and decided to take a picture. I then figured that since it was July 4th weekend, I would capture shots of American flags whenever possible.

Traffic was a bit heavy (as we had anticipated) when entering Michigan...but we were just part of the crowd headed to the beautiful north country. :-)

Another Old Glory, this one in Michigan, "painting the breeze."
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