Tuesday, July 07, 2009

We spent Friday night, 7/3, at Maranatha Bible Conference. We slept in on Saturday morning, enjoying the chance to relax and do nothing. (Had we been home, Phil would probably have been working, and I would have been at his elbow & at my computer.)

We got out of our room in time to go to an Arby's and get one of their awesome sandwiches for lunch, and then drove to the Muskegon shoreline where we sat in the car, enjoying each other's presence while we devoured the sandwiches, curly fries, and iced tea. Happiness! :-)

Above: Lake Michigan and Muskegon sandy beach with only a chunk of asphalt to add color and interest.

When we left the beach area, we drove to and parked by a waterway that is traveled by boats going to and from Lake Michigan. In the above photo, seagulls and a swan family: Mama, Daddy, and two babies. Immediately after I clicked the shutter and took this sweet, tranquil picture, a large sailboat came 'bustin' " into the little family, killing one of the babies...right in front of our eyes!

We drove to another area where I was intrigued by what appeared to be two swans "guarding" a portion of beach. Just look at all those seagulls NOT crossing that "invisible line" in the sand! ha
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