Saturday, April 11, 2009

We drove Kim, JJ and JP to the San Francisco Airport late morning today (Saturday, April 11th) in order for them to catch their early afternoon flight back to Phoenix. Kimmer is so brave and strong, and is a wonderful and loving mother to her children. While she was standing in line before check-in for their flight, I took this photo of her with her little "papoose" contentedly secured to his mother in that wonderful swing.

Well, JJ got tired of standing in line, so she felt quite comfortable in just making herself at home, right on the floor!

Once Kim and the children were headed through security and we could no longer interact with them or see them, Phil and I left the airport and drove to the San Francisco Airport Marriott where, as many of you know, we spent a good portion of the last three years. We parked in the special parking area for those who come to watch the planes take off and land. We had stopped at an In & Out Burger, and treated ourselves to cheeseburgers, fries, and chocolate shakes!!............something special we have not had in over a year! We sat in the car, looking out at the planes, while we sat like two knots on logs (except we were sitting on car seats!), happy as could be, eating our yummy lunch while we waited for Kim's plane to take off.

And at last, we watched the United plane, with our beloved three onboard, lift off and head out over the Pacific before turning southeastward and on to Phoenix. We prayed for safety for them....."journeying mercies" as Dad White used to pray anytime Phil and I left him and Mom....and were delighted a couple hours later to get Kim's call of their safe arrival in Phoenix. Thank You again, Lord, for the sweet couple of days with those precious ones.

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