Saturday, April 11, 2009

In February, my sister, Teecie, and I had more fun than we could ever have imagined at the first EVER reunion of students from the grammar school we attended, Fruitland Park School, in Fruitland Park, Florida. It was amazing that so many former students made the decision to attend......there were almost four hundred of us who gathered, including "guests" or spouses. I love the photo that a friend captured of "The Kinlaw Girls"........Teecie, Joyce (who became a senior at Leesburg High School when our family moved to central Florida from North Carolina in the early '50's), and Myrna.

My darling sister, Joyce Ede

Always giggling about something, Myrna and Teecie

Bless his heart, Phil helped me "man" the name badge table (since I was the one who made the name badges for everyone who signed up to attend the reunion).

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