Saturday, May 12, 2007

Phil and I spent last weekend at a wonderful rustic cabin in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, with Phil's brother and sister and their spouses. We had a wonderful time together.
"Grandma's Cabin" is pictured above. (Photo by Jean White.) For the majority of the weekend, we were surrounded by pea soup-thick fog, which created its own beauty, as you will see in following photos. That did NOT inhibit our venturing out to sightsee, shop, and dine.
A wonderful and memorable weekend!

This is a view from the back porch of Grandma's Cabin, sans fog. :-)

One of our outings was to Mast's ("old timey") General Store. It's impossible to explain what it was like to be taken back in time as we crossed the threshhold and entered the building! What a fabulous "open window" to the past for all the modern tourists who flock to Blowing Rock and the surrounding area of mountainous North Carolina.

Our sister-in-law took this picture of Phil and me in the candy section of Mast's General Store, where there are barrels and barrels of all the old-fashioned candies we loved as children --- and still do, such as (my favorites) Mary Janes & Squirrel Nut Chews! :-)

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