Saturday, May 26, 2007

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As I approach the hotel room windows each morning and begin opening the drapes, I wonder, "What colors this morning, Lord"?
Sunrise came on May 24th in shades of golds and pinks (see previous post); however, yesterday morning, May 25th, came in shades of grey and silver!

Once Phil came "home" from the Genentech office yesterday afternoon, we readied ourselves and went out for our regular walk. We LOVE the facility of the fabulous walkway in front of the Marriott here right by the San Francisco Airport, and there's SO much beauty and excitement that we enjoy each time we go out walking. It's a very special time for us as we talk, laugh, sort life's circumstances, and meditate on God's goodness to us.

How blessed we are!!

Phil standing by the lovely flowers, in holiday-appropriate patriotic colors, in front of the hotel.

Close-up of the "blue" flowers. The little blur near the bottom of the photo is blossoms moving frantically in the strong wind!

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John & Cheryl Fornelli said...

What colors indeed! I love pictures of flowers. Did you ever think to make greeting cards with some of your photos?
A midwife I used to work with gave me some that were copies of her own nature-type pictures, simply glued to card stock with envelopes.