Friday, March 02, 2007

Lazy Kentucky River
In the summer of 2006, Phil, our Kimberly, her little daughter and I attended a Kinlaw (my maiden name) family reunion in Wilmore, KY. My brother and one of my sisters were also there. Part of the fun activities for all of us was a paddleboat cruise on the Kentucky River. It was a delight to gently glide along, enjoying the beauty and serenity of that lovely area.

As we drove from Wilmore to Lexington, KY, where our hotel was located, we stopped along the highway so that I could take this picture at dusk of horses snacking on luscious green grass (in Blue Grass country), all the while swinging their tails, either out of sheer happiness or for swatting at horseflies. :-)

Stone fences abound, this one standing at Shaker Town, near Lexington/Wilmore. By the way, that thing on the left side of the picture is the mirror on the outside of the car. I didn't really mean to "capture" it in the photo. :-)

Beautiful Kinlaw Library, Asbury College, Wilmore, KY.

This lovely building is named for Dr. Dennis F. Kinlaw, who served for many, many years as president of Asbury College. Dennis and my father were first cousins. What a joy for us Kinlaws to have our "sessions" in the board room of this fabulous structure.....thanks to Dennis, and cousin Katy, who did all the work to get us Kinlaws to Wilmore for the very special 2006 "gathering."

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