Monday, March 05, 2007

Large "tree-bush" with yellow blossoms along walkway outside the Marriott where we're staying in San Francisco.

This past Saturday, Phil and I decided to drive "into town" and putter about Fisherman's Wharf. Phil's rental car this time is a new Ford Mustang. While it's really cute (and the style is so reminiscient of the Mustang we purchased new in 1968 or '69), its bucket seats are NOT comfortable for this grandma (or for Grandpa, either)! The awesomely comfortable seats in our wonderful 1993 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, which we still have and want to keep as long as we possible can, have spoilt me, I'm afraid! :-)

Once we have reached Fisherman's Wharf, we always love seeing these electric streetcars as they move in the center of the street. In addition to this red one, they come in other colors -- I really liked the yellow one we saw on Saturday....and the green one...but didn't have my camera ready.

These trees at Fisherman's Wharf look like each limb has always been pruned at a certain point, and no growth allowed beyond that point. Therefore, the end of each limb is a "stub," which looks like a knobby fist ravaged by arthritis.

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