Monday, November 08, 2010

Looking out the kitchen window of the home where we visited with Phil's siblings, I could see the roof on the house next door. There were "globs" of a sort of moss growing on what appeared to be a slate roof.

It rained the entire day we were with Paul, Jean, Priscilla and Neal in Grindelwald, but the inclement weather only added to the pleasure of visiting and eating indoors. :-) Jean and Priscilla are preparing a delicious lunch for us.

Jean White on the balcony of the Swiss chalet where she and the others stayed for a week, Grindelwald, Switzerland. (Note the flowerboxes.)

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Marilyn B W said...

This is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it! Never made it to Grindelwald, unfortunately, the times I was in Switzerland. Zermatt was as close in "feel" as I got. LOVE this balcony!