Monday, November 08, 2010

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Phil and I spent two weeks in Switzerland in September. He went there for work (of course), and I had the pleasure of traveling there also to keep him company. :-) We recognize that we are greatly blessed with pleasures and opportunities we would not have were it not for Phil's work for IBM and with IBM clients.

Phil's work took place in Basel, Switzerland, where the world headquarters of Roche Int'l are located. (By the way, Roche now owns Genentech in S. San Francisco where Phil is on an engagement presently, and where he has been on several other extended engagements.)

During our time in Basel, we stayed at the Hilton in the center of town.

Cute bed coverings; mattresses that felt like rocks! (And, oh, our aching backs! We could hardly wait to get home to our Select Comfort -- now known as the Sleep Number Bed.)

The view from our window at the Hilton included ground cover that was growing all over the roof of the building located next door to our hotel and other roofs nearby.

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