Thursday, September 17, 2009

From the time Phil and I were married, vacation time was most often spent in Florida. I was raised there; my sisters and other family lived there; and it provided sunshine and water, which have always been the factors that were important to both of us. We continued to head southward from Illinois every year for time with our three daughters, and from the time they were all very young, we went to Sanibel Island off the coast of western Florida, just south of Ft. Myers.

Nothing has changed. We continue vacationing on Sanibel, as we have had a timeshare there for almost thirty years. Now that our Kimberly and her husband, Paul, have a timeshare on the island, we continue to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation that has always been our pleasure at Sanibel Island.

We just spent a week at our timeshare, Hurricane House, the beginning of September. Kim and Paul, Julia and Jason-Paul stayed with us at our timeshare, while Kim and Paul graciously allowed Paul's sister, Andrea, her husband, Adam, and their brand new baby daughter, Corinne, to spend the week in their unit at Surfrider. Since Paul's parents, Bob & Evelyn, have a timeshare at Surfrider also, we all had the pleasure of being on Sanibel the same week.

The photo above, which I took several years ago, was taken from the beach, looking at Hurricane House.

The beach, looking eastward

Looking westward at the Gulf of Mexico, sunset

Hurricane House from the beach
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