Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kim & Paul, JJ & J-P, and Phil & I left Sanibel Friday morning, 9/11, and drove up to Orlando where we would spend the night before our flights to our respective home cities. That evening, we met with Joyce and Ken (above) and Teecie, Phil (Tee's husband) and Christopher (Tee's son) so that we could celebrate (Tee's) Phil's birthday, which was September 9th. We met them all at Fuddrucker's where Christopher is the manager. (We all joke that like Thing 1 and Thing 2 in The Cat in the Hat, we have Phil 1 and Phil 2.) :-)

Phil, Teecie, and Christopher

Julia Jo at the table

The Kinlaw girls, who always have a great time! :-) By the way, Teecie's NOT taller than Joyce and me....her hair's just higher! :-)
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Sherry said...

I so enjoyed perusing your family pictures. Grandkids are darling, but you already know this. I always have to choose a favorite and this was an easy assignment: the three Kinlaw sisters. God surely showed his love to us when he "invented" family! We all embrace that on different levels, and it takes cooperation to make family work. That picture illustrates how well your family cooperates.