Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Well, I just have to tell you about our most recent addition to our home in Illinois! We made the decision to have a "walk-in" tub installed in the place of the tub in our guest bathroom. This will be a source of great pleasure for me, since my arthritis has prohibited me for a long time from taking a bath in the "regular" original and ordinary tub you see in the photo above. ( I HAVE taken showers, though!)
(Remember: click on each photo to view in large size, then click the return arrow in the upper left side of your screen to get back to blog.)

Old tub removed

The front porch - new temporary parking spot for the toilet!

Unlike most people, we had a tub in our foyer! (Was only for a couple of days until the bathroom was ready for the tub to be installed.)

Finished product! It's wonderful!!

If any of you friends in Illinois are ever interested in having a walk-in tub installed, please contact me for the name of the installer (it's easy to find a tub online, but difficult to find an installer!). He lives in Arlington Heights, IL, and has done lots of these projects.

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