Saturday, July 12, 2008

Phil and I had a wonderful week from July 4th - 11th with our two oldest grandchildren, Antonio and Raquel. We flew them to Chicago (under the watchful care of a United flight attendant) where we met them once they exited their plane. We then had about three hours at O'Hare before the four of us would fly to Orlando for the week at one of our timeshares, so we had dinner at the Chili's Restaurant within the United terminal. After eating, I waited at our gate while Phil took them on a "tour" of the terminal, during which time they walked at least a mile and 1/2! (Those kids were tired when they got back to Grandma! ha)
During our week this year at the Marriott Cypress Harbour where we've had a timeshare for over 20 years, we were offered a "gift".... a free 5X7 photo if we signed up for a session with the resort photographer. Well, we all know that we can end up paying bundles of money for a whole bunch of pictures once we see them all, right? ha Actually, the "whole bunch" was very reasonably priced, and the photographer gave me a CD with all the pictures -- not just the ones we selected from each grouping. :-)
The photo above is of our beloved grandkids, Raquel and Antonio, with Grandma and Grandpa.

Precious kids, Antonio and Raquel

Raquel and Antonio with their daddy, Raul. We were so happy that he was able to come and spend the entire first weekend with the children and us.

My younger sister (she'll love it that I let you know she's younger!), Teresa, or "Teecie" as we've always called her, came and spent the weekend with us, also. What a fun person she is! She has the most beautiful pure white "Kinlaw" hair!

Everybody posed for our family picture. *-*

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