Friday, July 20, 2007

My last post was Monday, June 18th. I fully expected to have more pictures to post the following Monday, the 25th, after our much anticipated trip to Montana over the weekend of June 22-24; however, the evening before we were to fly to Missoula, I developed achiness and chills, and felt a sore throat coming on!
I knew the next morning, after our VERY early alarm went off, that I could go NO place. We called our good friends, and the airline, to alert them to our necessary change of plans, and later that morning I was able to see a doctor who came to our hotel. (San Francisco has a network of doctors "on call," who come to wherever you are and treat you. What a blessing, as I did NOT feel like dressing and leaving my bed!) Prognosis: strep throat.
So, rather than a weekend of visiting dear friends and sightseeing in a beautiful place we've never been, we holed up in our San Francisco hotel room. With the powerful medications the doctor gave me on the spot, I began feeling better that very afternoon, and within three to four days, felt as good as new.

The trip and visit in Montana just wasn't meant to be, because our good friends we were to visit came down with the flu themselves on the Saturday that we were to spend sightseeing.
OK....on to pictures! :-)

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