Monday, July 23, 2007

As you've followed my blog and seen the pictures I've posted on it, you know that I love observing the view on a daily basis from our hotel room window here in San Francisco. The sky changes, and the planes come and go, as does the tide.
Above: mid-morning one day last week, and the water almost glass-still.

The very next day: brilliant blues

The same day: puffy clouds provide a background to what appears to be one plane right on the tail of another! The potential in this scenario could scare you to death, but the two planes are actually approaching SFO on parallel runways with plenty of room between the two! :-) As a matter of fact, quite often the captain on the planes make a point of announcing to the passengers to not be concerned if they look out the window and see a plane "vying" for landing space.

This morning: The sunshine providing "glowspots" on the water, with a 747 approaching for an early morning landing.

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