Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Phil, Aunt Vicky Sweetman, Myrna, Marilyn Sweetman Brennan

Phil's first cousin, Marilyn Brennan, and her family have always been very special to Phil and me. Marilyn's father, Richard Sweetman, Sr., and Phil's mother, Lena Sweetman White, were siblings. Both Uncle Rich and Mom White have passed away.

The Sweetmans, going back to Grandpa and Grandma Sweetman, are/were vibrant, joyful, open, warmhearted people, and that certainly applies also to Aunt Vicky Sweetman, wife of Richard, Sr. Marilyn, her sister, Vicki Lynn, and her brother, Richard, Jr., are winsome and delightful human beings, and their kindness and transparency draws others to them.

The kindness of Marilyn was demonstrated in a powerful way when she and her husband, Dr. Bob Brennan, invited Phil and me to live with them when we traveled to Brazil back in 1967 as part of a Christian folk group. We lived with them in Sao Paulo for 6 months during our months of ministry with Word of Life Brazil - Palavra da Vida!

Bob and Marilyn have always had a very special place in our hearts and lives, and we have cherished any opportunities we've had to be with them.

Sadly, we learned about two years ago that Bob was failing in health. This past weekend, Phil and I flew to Atlanta in order to attend his funeral. While it was a very sad time for everyone, it was again very special for Phil and me to be with these loving people.

Bob was a powerful figure, always desirous of sharing with others the transformation that came to his life when he met Jesus Christ. It was always his goal to share the gospel with everyone he met, so that they, too, could know forgiveness and redemption through the Lord Jesus.

Bob is now in the presence of His Lord, whom he loved and served faithfully for so many years. I just want to pay tribute to Bob, to a life well-lived, and a man much-loved by all who knew him, and to the Sweetman family, an unusual and loving family.

Phil with his first cousins Richard Sweetman, Jr., and Marilyn Sweetman Brennan

Dr. and Mrs. Bob Brennan

Marilyn Sweetman and family after the lunch that was graciously served the family following Bob's funeral November 4, 2006.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Myrna and Phil,

I'm sorry to hear of your loss but am glad that you were able to support Bob's family at the funeral. He sounds like he was a dear man.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post about my Dad. I miss him so much--the picture you posted with him and mom reminded me of the warmest, sweetest smile anyone could ever have! His eyes were beautiful and would twinkle when he smiled. There's a void in my life that no one will ever be able to fill now that he's gone. I never realized how much my heart could hurt. Thank you for coming this past meant so much to all of us.

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Tracey's and just wanted to thank you for this post as well. As I told Tracey last weekend, I was amazed to read in the online guest book how far reaching her dad's ministry had been...and indeed still is...literally to all corners of the earth! He was a sweet man and I absolutely love Tracey and Terri to pieces. Thanks for remembering their dad in this way and posting the pictures. I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

I think Marilyn is a friend that I knew in New Orleans in 1955. IF she is could you please have her email me at I went to Chrystal Springs MS. one week-end with her and her parents.
My maiden name is Frances Bass and I lived in Gentilly and attended McDonogh High school and attended Franklin Ave. Bapt. Church. I would love to hear from her as the last time I corresponded with her was when Bobby was a toddler.