Monday, January 07, 2008

I was shocked to discover that I have not added to my blog since October! However, we've had an "interesting" late fall/early winter with travels, and with some knee issues on my part. I'm glad to finally be adding some photos today, and hope you'll enjoy what I'm posting. After the Christmas photos, there will also be some taken at Thanksgiving in San Francisco.
Christmas, 2007, doesn't seem that long ago, but was actually two weeks ago now. Phil and I traveled to Phoenix this year in order to be with our two daughters who live there and their families.
The photo above: dear sweet Paulie (Kim's husband) doing what he does so well, that of holding and/or playing with a niece or two nephews when he isn't cuddling his own little JJ. In this instance, Lalo is settled snugly in Paulie's lap, playing with the lid of a food container. :-)
Our two granddaughters, Raquel and JJ
Paulie and Antonio checking out a toy
There's a princess underneath that Princess shower cape! :-)
Phil, Karma and Kimmer Dec. 27th at Kim's home

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