Friday, February 16, 2007

In looking through some of the pictures I took when we were in London and Edinburgh recently, I realized there were some I had wanted to post but hadn't done so.
In the picture above, Phil (He looks cold, doesn't he? It WAS cold!) is standing outside the office of a private-pay medical doctor whom I saw while we were in Edinburgh. I had what we believe is asthmatic bronchitis (I say "is" because it's still haning on), and I reached a point of feeling I needed medical attention.
It was fascinating to ride in the taxi to her office, which was at the bottom of a "mountain," and we reached it after many turns and lots of tiny, curvy streets.
Directly across the little street from the doctor's office was the view in the photo below. We have no idea what that lovely building housed. You can see that, beyond the fence Phil is leaning against, there is a beautiful stream, also.

We stayed at the Caledonian Hilton in Edinburgh, a lovely old hotel. We had just come from the doctor's office and Boots, the pharmacy/drugstore, where we got my prescription....thus, the bag in Phil's hand. :-)

Phil with the friendly and very entertaining bellman at the entryway to the Caledonian.

Lovely stairway in the hotel. Made me wonder when "Miss Scarlett" was gonna come down the stairs.

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